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With travas experience
the 2022 world cup and the beauty
of Qatar.

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Calabar Carnival
12th - 26th, Dec 2022

Ikogosi Warm Spring
1st - 6th, Jan 2023

Labadi Beach
16th - 20th, Jan 2022

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Explore the world, see every corner of the world by easily booking amazing tour packages with our tour operators within africa.


travas safety features ensures that your travels are always hassle-free and a 100 percent safe. With our 24/7 customer service, we are always here for you.

About travas

travas is an aggregrator of tour services/packages, simply connecting users to qualified tour agencies for a superb tour experience. We help ordinary people explore the world better.
At travas we assist local tour operators within Africa to scale up their businesses by showcasing their products to a wider audience, showcasing the beauty of Africa to the world!


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